My Son’s 3rd Birthday Spaceship Party with Paper Lanterns!

Customer Story: “For my son’s 3rd birthday, he asked for a spaceship party. So rather than just blowing up some balloons and hanging up some spaceships I decided to give him a party in outerspace. After much thinking, I decided I wanted to use paper lanterns as my planets, moons, and sun. I happened upon your website and found exactly what I was looking for. I purchased about 20 lanterns in a variety of colors and sizes. I used water color paint and painted some small white lanterns to make them two toned planets. After hanging the “planets” I added LED lights inside for a glowing effect at night. Needless to say my son LOVED LOVED LOVED it as did all the guest. After launching a rocket in the backyard, the night ended when we pulled the mattress into the dining room and slept in outerspace amongst the glowing sun, moons, and planets. It was amazing! After 3 weeks of the outerspace hanging in our dining room (because it looked so cool!), we finally moved all the planets into his bedroom where he still gets excited everytime he walks in. It was a birthday to remember.” (Kim T. / West boylston MA) (