Battery Powered Lanterns at our Jamaican Resort Destination

(Customer Story) We were on our way to our favorite Jamaican resort destination and wanted to bring something that we could decorate our room with that would fit the relaxed atmosphere of the resort. Then we came across the and found the perfect accent. Battery powered lanterns that we could burn all night long and wouldn’t have to plug in. Our friends at the resort were telling us that our lanterns were the way they would find their room at the end of the night… “Just aim for the glowing lanterns and turn right”. We love the color they add to our ocean view. (John & Jackie S.)(




Paper Lanterns for the Best Looking Room in My House

(Customer Story) I had seen this bedroom showroom online and these 2 white paper lanterns they had instead of a lamp on hanging over the night table looked so good but when I finally found them on paper lantern store I had to get them and they look amazing, I never imagined how something so simple and sooo inexpensive could completely change the bedroom and make it into the best looking room in my house. (Stelios P. / Miami, FL) (Items Ordered: 12″ & 16 Beige Irregular Paper Lantern with 11′ White Cord for Lanterns)

Picture were I got my idea from(1st)
My room (2nd & 3rd picture )

image (4)

image (1)   image (2)